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Song Name : Find Another Way

Singer : Seimag (feat Garrin)

Origin : Original Songs

Genre : Alternative Rock

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Find Another Way

"Do you know just what you’re doing with your life
Will you wait and see those years go drifting by
There are ways to make things happen
There are ways to make it right
There will be another way for you to try.

You can find a way to mend that broken heart
Will you look inside your self or walk away
There are many ways to hurt
But you must find a way to smile
Let the anger that’s inside you melt away".

You can find another way
Oh you can find another way
It may turn your life around".....

Running Time: 4 min 08 sec
Bitrate: 192kbps
Sample Length: 46 sec
Manuscript Size: 4 pages

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